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Shopping centre Skanssi is located less than five kilometres from the Turku city centre. Arriving at our store is effortless regardless of whether you are moving by car, bus, bike or on foot.

  • Muuttuneet liikennejärjestelyt kellariparkissa ajalla 3.6.-30.6.2024 ylläpitokorjauksien vuoksi. Noudatathan erityistä varovaisuutta ja pidät ajonopeuden matalana pysäköintialueilla liikkuessasi.

Arriving at Skanssi is effortless!

The address of Skanssi is Skanssinkatu 10, 20730 TURKU.
Skanssi has 5 entrances at street level and 3 entrances from the underground parking garage. All entrances are accessible.

By car

Arriving via the Turku–Helsinki motorway, choose junction 4 (Skanssi).
Customers have a total of 2500 parking spaces at their disposal, free of charge. Approximately 1000 of these are in the basement floor heated parking garage. The rest of the parking spaces are located inside the multi-storey eastern car park (Itäparkki) and western car park (Länsiparkki), as well as on the K-Citymarket rooftop car park. The maximum permitted height for vehicles in all indoor parking areas is 230cm. A separate parking area for tall vehicles can be found by the Neste petrol station.

Opening hours of the parking garage

Mon - Sun klo 6:45 – 23:30

There are also 11 charging points for electric cars in cellar park: 4 in the central part of the parking garage and 7 K-Lataus points in the Citymarket's end.

By bus

You can reach Skanssi with buses number 9, 90, 99, 221 and P2.
The bus stops for Skanssi are 347, 349, 354 and 356. See bus schedules on the Föli website >>

Charter buses may drop off visitors at the Skanssinkatu bus stop and pick them up at the same location at the agreed time.

In the meantime, the bus can be parked either at one of the Huoltopiha 2 bus parking spaces (drive past the Neste petrol station and go behind Skanssi) or at the tall vehicle parking area opposite of the Neste petrol station.

By bicycle

You can also easily get to Skanssi on a bicycle. There are bicycle racks reserved for parking near each exit.

By camper

The parking area for tall vehicles is located along the road leading to the eastern car park, approximately 15 metres onwards from the Neste Express petrol station. Please note that the maximum permitted height for vehicles in the indoor car parks is 230cm.

By taxi

Skanssi has a taxi stand located at the west end entrance.

Handicapped taxis can transport the passenger to the main doors. You can order a taxi from the Skanssi information point.

Electric shared car

Skanssi's electric shared car is in front of the eastern entrance to Kellaripark. You can rent a car for your own use through the Aimo Park website.

The Nissan Leaf fully electric car is easy to use and pleasant to drive. The car has room for five people and a spacious back box, where you can carry shopping home from the shopping center, for example. The Nissan Leaf's battery capacity is 40 kW and its range is approximately 285 kilometers. During the rental period, the shared car can be charged at all charging points in Aimo Park. For charging, there is an internal 6.6 in the car. kW charger for standard AC charging and Chademo charger for fast charging, with a maximum power of 50kW.

The new shared car can be reserved, put into use and returned on your own via the Aimo Park website. The car can be booked for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 72 hours at a time. For example, a 15-minute rental costs €3, a 24-hour rental costs €84 and a 72-hour rental costs €180. Reservations can be made no earlier than 14 days in advance.

More information about renting a Nissan Leaf can be found on the Aimo Park website.