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Skanssi gift card

Now you can save your time by buying exactly the gift that the recipient wishes: the freedom to choose. The value of the card is 10-250 € depending on your choice.

Skanssi gift card is the easiest gift!

Save your time by buying exactly the gift that the recipient wishes: the freedom to choose. You can pay with Skanssi gift card in all Skanssi stores* and the value of the card is €10-250 depending on your choice.

The gift card machine is located behind Jungle Juice Bar on the 1st floor. When you buy there, you get a gift card with you right away, ready to use. The card is valid for 12 months from the date of redemption.

Gift cards are also sold at Skanssi's info point, and you should go there if you want to buy more than one gift card. At the info point you can buy several gift cards with one payment, at the machine each card must be paid separately. You can see the opening hours of the info point here.

You can also easily buy a gift card online, from the link below, and easily pick it up from a gift card machine in Skanssi. In this case, the validity period of the gift card starts when you pick up the card from the machine with the QR code you received in the order confirmation.

From the link below you can:

  • Buy Skanssi gift card

  • Check the card balance

  • Check the expiry date

  • See earlier purchases of the gift card

Skanssi gift card

Keep the receipt or confirmation message received during the purchase for the entire validity period of the card, because only with the codes on them we can help in trouble cases, for example loss of the card.

Please notice, that when buying a gift card, the payment card settings must allow the possibility to pay for online purchases and to pay in Europe, because the operator of our equipment and online store is Belgian. There are no companies manufacturing gift card machines in Finland. You can modify the payment card's settings in your online bank as needed.

*excluding Pelaamo, Monitori, Manschett and 99 Import & Autot