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Phone repairs and accessories.

We repair almost all brands of phones quickly, always without an appointment. From us you can also get accessories, refurbished phones and comprehensive services related to your phone. Welcome to our store to enjoy the uncomplicated service and get your business in order at once.

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Mo-Fr 1020
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    Fonum Takanano

    Saatavilla jopa 10 000 erilaiselle puhelinmallille viidessä eri kuosissa: ruskea nahka, hiilikuitu, hopea glitter, pinkki marmori, valkoinen marmori.

    29,99 €

    Kellopanssari asennettuna

    Saatavilla älykelloille, urheilukelloille, perinteisille kelloille ja kellopuhelimille, jopa tuhansille eri merkeille ja malleille.

    Vain 9,99 €