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Assemble your own bread according to your taste.

SUBWAY Subi® – melt-in-the-mouth stuffed bread of your choice Subi® is made from scratch with the fillings you want. There are six different bread options to choose from, the size of which you can choose according to your hunger. 15 cm Subi® for small hunger and 30 cm Subi® for big hunger! With a larger group, you can take a sub tray or a spectacular giant sub.

You can choose your own combination from the selection or take one of the ready-made combinations from the list. You can also double the toppings, or treat yourself by adding crispy bacon. In addition, you can choose whether you want your Subi® bread warm and toasted to a crisp. Completely to your liking!

For a lighter diet, Subi® is also suitable as a low-fat treat or salad containing less than 6 grams of fat. We also offer rich Wraps and, as a novelty, toasties that are tasty for those who are hungry! For bigger hunger, you should have a Subi® meal - a tap drink (M) and a side dish, either Cookie, Chips or Donut Balls. And let the feasting begin!

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