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Vero Moda

Trendy must-have clothes and timeless basic wardrobe items from the same store.

VERO MODA was born into the world of fashion in a small town in the middle of mainland Denmark in 1987. Our founder, Troels Holch Povlsen, saw the name “VERO MODA” on a t-shirt, and decided that would be a good name for a women's brand. Pure and simple as that, VERO MODA saw the light of day.

VERO MODA offers new trends, fashionable must-have items and timeless wardrobe classics that you want to wear always. VERO MODA’s trademark is a vibrant and accessible approach to fashion, and from their wide and inspiring collections you will always find matching ensembles.

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Mo-Fr 1020
Sa-Su 1019
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