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Emmy - always something good in your closet

Emmy is Finland's largest marketplace for used women's, men's and children's branded clothes, shoes and accessories. There are about 90,000 hand-checked quality products in the selection and we add thousands of wonderful new products every week. Emmy's heart beats for high-quality clothes, inspiring finds, easy-to-clean wardrobes and reducing emissions. As an Emmy seller, you can also do good and donate the unsold clothes after the 6-month sales period to charity, e.g. For Hope ry and Vailla Vakinaina Asuntoa ry with the help of Emmy.

Emmy wants to encourage everyone to consume more responsibly, because every piece of clothing that gets used again saves carbon dioxide and clean water. Emmy is the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to enjoy high-quality fashion responsibly.

Through Emmy, you can easily get unnecessary brand clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in good condition for sale and good circulation. All you have to do is fill out the sales form conveniently online, pack intact and clean clothes and accessories and deliver your package in conjunction with other transactions to Emmy's sales box, which can also be found in Skanssi, where they will be picked up by Emmy - easy, right? Emmy sorts, prices, photographs, stores and sells your products for you and you can relax while you monitor the sales of your products from your own seller page. You can choose whether to take your sales revenue as cash directly to your account or to Emmy's or our partner's gift card with up to +15% additional benefit.

Customer service, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m +358 50 467 8628

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