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Family living room with an open and free program.

Skappeli is a public lounge for families on the 2nd floor of Skanssi shopping center. Activities for families are organized by trained nannies from the parishes of Turku and Kaarina, the Joint Educational Work, and partners. All our activities are open public family lounge and free of charge, welcome, when it’s convenience for you.

Monday 9-16 9-12 noon Open Family Lounge/ Familjemys, fi/sve The open lounge is a place for relaxed socializing and chatting while the children play. 12-16 Open family lounge Children's birth month's birthday party, first Monday of the month, from 1pm to 3pm, start 4.9 Children's annual photo session, in accordance with birth month, second Monday of the month, from noon to 3pm, start 11.9 17-19 Kantoliina ry (Babywearing Finland) - even weeks, start 4.9 17-19 Breastfeeding support - uneven weeks, (14.8/11.9/9.10/6.11/4.12)

Tuesday 9-16 9-12 Music school, at 10.15am 13-16 Baby Date, in cooperation with the Parish of St. Henry and the City of Turku 17-19 Monikkoperheet ry (Finnish Multiple Births Association) - even weeks, start 22.8 17-19 Music school at 5.30pm - uneven weeks, coffee/tea/juice at 5-6pm, start 15.8

Wednesday 10-16 Familia ry, at 10-12am, Duo-livingroom (13.3.-8.5.) Music school, at 2:30-3pm Sateenkaariperheet ry at 4-7pm

Thursday 9-16 9-12 Dance with baby, (planned for 3month-1 year old babies, at 10.15am) 12-16 Baby Date

Friday 9-16 9-12 Music school, at 10.15am 12-16 Open Family Lounge The open lounge is a relaxed place for socializing and chatting while the children play.

Skappeli current affairs and opening hours of partners; @skappeli Coffee/tea/juice is served in the Skappeli. Servings are available from 10am to 3:30pm and during the opening hours of partners. Please come only when healthy!

Welcome to Skappeli!

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Cooperation partners´opening hours: Mon-Tue 17-19

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