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Skanssi has all the services to support your everyday life

Postal and parcel services

You may deposit your letters in the Posti letterbox, found near the main entrance of the courtyard with the pool. The letterbox is emptied Monday–Friday at 4pm.

Skanssi also has a Posti Parcel Point, a SmartPost Point and two Budbee parcel points.

Parcel point locations:

The parcel points can be used during the opening hours of these stores / the shopping centre corridor.


Skanssi has two Otto cash ATMs as well as a Bitcoin ATM

ATM locations:

  • Otto ATM (withdrawal): K-Citymarket lobby, near the checkout area

  • OttoPlus ATM (withdrawal and note deposit): basement floor near, the yellow entrance. Take the travelator opposite of the pharmacy to access the cellar park.

  • Bitcoin ATM: 2nd floor, on the walkway between Tokmanni and Stadium

    • Problems with Bitcoin machine? Contact Bitcoin's customer service by phone at 0600 15521 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by email at


Loading machine for Turku local transport Föli cards is located at the west end of the shopping centre on the 1st floor (near Tokmanni escalator).

Nuokkari youth centre

The Turku City youth centre operates on the shopping centre’s 2nd floor. This space is intended for children and teenagers between 9–18 years of age. You can read more about the youth centre here.

Free Wi-Fi and mobile device charging

The free Wi-Fi network can be used all around Skanssi shopping centre´s corridors. You can also charge your mobile devices by using the convenient USB-points and power outlets located around the shopping centre’s seating areas.