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Shopping centre Skanssi provides all sorts of services for families with children. The wide walkways are easy to traverse with a stroller or pram and the numerous lifts make for a convenient way to move between different floors. Families are also welcome to freely utilise the spacious indoor playgrounds and baby care rooms.

Rooms for baby care

Each toilet area has a separate room intended for baby care. There are four rooms in total: one on the basement floor below the EAT dining area, one at each end of the first floor and one on the second floor, at the end of the corridor between Monitori and Intersport.

The second-floor room is large and comes equipped with a microwave, multiple washing stations, toilets for children and adults, as well as plenty of room for playing, comfortable sofas and a rocking chair for those who are breastfeeding.

Indoor playgrounds for kids and dining

There are two indoor playgrounds in Skanssi, which are located on the second floor.

One of our second-floor playgrounds is located directly opposite of Intersport. This spacious playroom features a slide, a spring rocker, action and building blocks, as well as a comfortable amount of sitting room for parents.

You can also find the Angry Birds playground on the second floor, with similar play equipment.

For children's dining, Skanssi's EAT-area has several high chairs and a baby point with a microwave oven.

Outdoor pool

Skanssi’s courtyard features a wading pool intended for recreational use.

Because the pool is not supervised, parents are responsible for their children. Water in the pool is not suitable for drinking. The pool is officially defined as a wading pool. It has circulating water and it is cleaned and monitored for quality, however, not as actively as the pool that is intended for swimming.

Pets are not allowed in the pool.

Skappeli – an open meeting place for families

The second-floor Skanssi Skappeli works as a lounge for families. Various events and activities are organised by the Turku and Kaarina parishes and trained children’s instructors from Yhteinen Kasvatustyö, as well as other partners and associates. All Skappeli activities are open for everyone and free of charge.

Get more information about Skappeli here.