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Equipment and clothing for outdoor activities.

Partioaitta is "a treasure shed" for hikers and outdoorsmen. In our 21 stores around Finland and in our online store, you can find all the highest quality equipment and clothing for outdoor activities. You will also get enthusiastic and expert service from our skilled salespeople.

Our operating ideas

Our goal is to promote outdoor activities and well-being by offering high-quality products for your use. Our appeal to you: "Make every day an adventure". This can be done very easily. You can start with a walk or take your lunch break in the park - it's enough to be outside.


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Partioaitta started its operations in 1928 in Helsinki, when the Yrjönkatu store was opened. The store is still located at the same location. Partioaitta in Skanssi was opened in 2014. During the more than 90 years of operation, the Scouts have traditionally been the owners of the Partioaitta. Today, Partioaitta is owned by Fenix ​​Outdoor AB, which also owns the Naturkompaniet store chain in Sweden, the Globetrotter store chain in Germany and the Friluftsland store chain in Denmark, as well as well-known outdoor brands such as Fjällräven.

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    Sukkamestarit - kotimaiset merinovillasukat

    Eri värejä, kuoseja ja kokoja! (norm. 12,95 /pari)

    Kaksi paria yhteishintaan 20€